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Can you name the Emma's Challenge Word Ladder II?

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ClueAnswerLet's Make It Interesting
Do this 3 times before drinking toilet water...trust me.
A stun grenade, also know as a ___BANG!
It's poor form to pull this out at weddings, you drunk.
The **** you get for doing something stupid
Nothing can escape this hole
Jenny is definitely not still from here
Stop glancing at this or you'll lose
The pot you can cook things in for 500 hours
Tyrone Biggums' favorite
What you lay down when you record a song
The silly rabbit can't have these
This stops a tickle fight...for a while.
Wayne or Banner
Something to keep you from moving
ClueAnswerLet's Make It Interesting
A shady candy company, makes starbrite mints
Playstation's bandicoot
The best of the orange sodas
Earth and pie have this in common
Earned, not bought, says broke proverbs
Pimp walkScramble the letters
Heavy beerChange one letter
BragSubtract one letter
Everything in FrenchChange one letter
The second chefChange one letter
Campbell's tomato is the bestChange one letter
A standard instant message abbreviated greetingSubtract one letter
Not downSubtract one letter
The best person in the whole worldChange all the letters and add some

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