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QUIZ: Can you name the U.S. states based on the given stereotypes?

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Liberals, freezing, everyone's white but the cab drivers in the city.
(Applying to the city) Strong accents, insane taxi drivers, immigrants from everywhere, rude people, lots of regional pride, more Jews per capita than anywhere else.
Cold, boring, nasal accents, jaywalkers, horrible cabbies.
Mormons, deserts, boring, empty land.
Oil, deserts, cowboys, a whole lot of executions.
Liberals, cold, mountainous, maple syrup.
Hillbillies, country music, Southern food, mountainous.
Tropical islands, beaches, beautiful area, volcanoes, tourists.
Corrupt politicians, deep-dish pizza, immigrants from everywhere, everyone lives in or very close to the city.
Potatoes, mountains, scenic, underpopulated.
Cheese, farms, Packers fans, horrid accent, dontcha know?
Retirees, beaches, Cuban immigrants, very hot, most Jews per capita in the region.
Barefoot hippies everywhere, long-haired men, beaches, Mexican immigrants, Bermuda shorts & tight shirts.
Cold, rough terrain, country-ish, winter sports, South Park.
Hot, dry, retirees, mountainous, boring except for one thing.
Swamps, spicy food, voodoo, jazz.
Amish people, chocolate, farms and mountains, most conservative state in the region, hated by the people of the state to its immediate west.
Freezing, boring, underpopulated, Eskimos, polar bear and moose hunting.
Deserts, gamblers, brothels, dazzling entertainment.
Common small-town people, boring, constant snow from October to April, all residents are either city people or rednecks, say 'pop,' not soda.

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