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Can you name the US cities by the given stereotypes?

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Guidos; hated by the adjacent city; city pride
Rain; coffee shops; modern; cultured
Crime; rich suburbs; politicians; blacks
Disney; theme parks; hot; entertainment
City pride; beans; patriotic; rude
Hot; crime; rappers; corporations; hot
City pride; abhorrent traffic; Jews; corporations; immigrants
Crime; pollution; Hispanics; Hollywood stars
Corruption; crime; deep-dish Pizza
Gays; cable cars; ridiculous laws; liberals
Cold; depressing; avoided; city pride
Ben Franklin; patriotic; city pride; blacks; cheese steaks
Crime; poor; car factories; unemployment
Cubans; beaches; hot women; rich; hotels
Beautiful; beaches; rich; Hispanics
Poor; flooded; French-speakers; Cajuns; jazz music
Gambling; brothels; shows; entertainment; luxury hotels
Polluted; dirty; hated by Ohioans

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