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Can you name the Met players involved in various different kinds of controversies and disasters?

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Disaster DescriptionPlayer NameDate
The first run allowed in NY Met history is balked in by this pitcher- not so much a controversy, but a sign of things to come.4/11/1962
This manager once famously said: ''I've been in this game a hundred years, but I see new ways to lose I never knew existed before.''c. 1963
Perhaps the most dominant right-handed pitcher in baseball's history is traded away with another three Mets for shortstop Jim Fregosi.12/10/1971
This pitcher had no no-hitters for the Mets and was later traded after a contract dispute. He of course threw a no-hitter the following season exactly 366 days after his trade.6/15/1977
After returning to the Mets in 1982, Tom Seaver is not protected in a compensation draft and is claimed by this team.1/20/1984
In his autobiography, Dwight Gooden accused this outfielder of holding him hostage and decapitating his own girlfriend's cat.Unspecified date in 1986
This pitcher went off to a rehab clinic after testing positive for cocaine during training camp.Spring, 1987
This outfielder is arrested for allegedly hitting his girlfriend in the face with an open hand and also to have threatened her with a gun.1/26/1990
Two women file suit against this pitcher alleging that he ''pleasured himself'' in front of them in the bullpen of Shea Stadium in 1989.March, 1992
This book is published about the 1992 Mets by local columnist Bob Klapisch.Early 1993
This player violently confronts the previously mentioned writer after a game in the clubhouse and tells him: ''Make your move, 'cause I'll hurt you... I'll show you the Bronx.''4/10/1993
This pitcher lost 27 consecutive games in which he had a decision (not a typo).5/6/1992 - 7/24/1993
This OF injures Doc's arm while practicing his golf swing in the clubhouse and throws a lit firecracker at a group of fans (including two children) waiting for autographs.April & June, 1993
This pitcher used a Super Soaker to spray reporters with (wait for it...) bleach. Don't worry- he apologized.7/27/1993
Bill Pulsipher, Jason Isringhausen and Paul Wilson were given this nickname and were to be the saviors of the franchise. By the end of 1996 they had all suffered severe injuries.1995-96
This outfielder left the dugout after being replaced and returned to the clubhouse to play a game of cards with Bobby Bonilla. Keep in mind this was Game 6 of the NLCS.10/19/1999
In the above-referenced game, this pitcher walked in the winning run in the bottom of the 11th. It was in effect a walk-off walk.10/19/1999
This reliever and fan scapegoat developed gout after consistently eating too much shellfish. He also had severe issues in closing out playoff games.1999-2001
After missing all of 2001 with injuries, this ''slugging'' 1B then played 27 games in 2003 before his knees gave out under his 275-pound frame.2001-03
These two players were accused of beating up a pizza delivery boy in Port St. Lucie after one of them peed on a parking space in front of the restaurant (name 1 or both).3/5/2004
The year after the Yankees had success with signing Hideki Matusui, this Japanese SS was signed. He hit .256/11/75 in 857 ABs and committed 23 errors in 2004 alone.2004
This top pitching prospect is traded for Victor Zambrano- the league leader in walks, wild pitches and hit batsmen.7/30/2004
This wife claimed on The Howard Stern Show that she would sleep with every other Mets player if she caught her husband cheating on her.Late 2004
During a start against the Marlins, this pitcher was instructed by the umpires to change his undershirt. He slipped in the corridor, injuring his hip, and ruined his season.5/26/2006
This setup man is involved in a taxi cab accident in Florida severely injuring his shoulder, essentially ending his promising career and the bullpen's chemistry.7/30/2006
The Mets blew a 7-game NL East lead with 17 games to go in 2007 and a 3.5 game lead with 17 games to go in 2008 to this rival.2007-08
This manager was fired in a hotel room in LA after BEATING the Angels while 1 game under .500. The dismissal was communicated to reporters via email at 3am EDT.6/17/2008
Disaster DescriptionPlayer NameDate
This 2B infamously dropped a routine fly ball in Yankee Stadium with 2 on, 2 out in the bottom of the nineth with a 1 run lead. The error was indeed game-ending.6/12/2009
This Met employee took off his shirt and challenged minor league players to fights and threw a hissy fit after not having his favorite seat available.2009 Season
After the Mets front office released statements claiming this outfielder would not need knee surgery, it took place of this player's own volition anyway.1/13/2010
After signing a 3-year, $36 million deal in February of 2009, this pitcher refused a demotion to the minor leagues, despite having a 6.28 ERA.5/15/2010
This comediain and loyal Met fan condemned Lady Gaga for stripping down to her underwear and giving fans the finger while in his luxury box (he was not there at the time).6/10/2010
This closer beat up his baby-momma's father in front of other players' families at Citi Field. It was later learned that he tore a ligament in his throwing thumb during the fight.8/11/2010
The Mets agreed to sell a stake in the Mets to this hedge fund manager, but later rescinded the deal when it stipulated that he could potentially buy out the Wilpons in 3 years,5/26/2011
Owner Fred Wilpon participated in an interview with this publication where he criticized several star players, most notably Carlos Beltran and his infamous called third strike.5/30/2011
This SS was the first Met to win the NL batting title, but controversy ensued when he singled in the first AB in the last game of the season & then was mysteriously pinch run for.9/28/2011
This reliever, unaffectionately nicknamed to have his last name rhyme with 'apocalypse,' was sent down to the minors with a 11.35 ERA, a sign of things to come for the 2012 pen.5/29/2012
Ownership was sued for $162 million by victims of this Ponzi schemer.2012-Present
This pitcher threw 134 pitches during the franchise's first no-hitter. Replays later showed that a called foul ball down the 3rd base line was clearly fair.6/1/2012
This GM signed Jason Bay to a 4yr-$66 million deal. Bay hit .234/26/124 in 986 ABs and his contract was mecifully terminated, but ownership had to eat $21 million in the process.11/7/2012
This cocky pitcher required Tommy John surgery after tearing his UCL and then publicly forced the Mets into allowing him to rehab in New York rather than Florida.8/26/2013
After batting .200 in 2013, we signed this OF to a 1yr-$7.25 million contract. He was released after hitting .205/8/28 in 254 ABs. He then hit .282/3/10 in 71 ABs with the Yankees.8/15/2014
This closer was suspended 80 games for a positive PED test. He tested positive AGAIN 3 months later and was suspended 162 games (1 of only 2 players in history to get that penalty)4/11/2015 & 7/28/2015
This relief pitcher was called up from Single A directly to the big league team before he even pitched an inning in AA. He was sent back down to AA after .2 IP and an ERA of 67.50.6/17/2015
Word leaked out via social media that this SS had been traded for Carlos Gomez. Fans had told him what happened and cameras showed him crying. The deal never actually happened.7/29/2015
This minor league manager (and former 1986 champion) 'resigned' after 'differences of opinion' with the Mets hierarchy. He claims to have been 'blackballed.'9/12/2016
This pitcher refused an MRI exam after complaining of arm pain. He pitched 2 innings in his next start, was pulled after 38 pitches, and then went on the DL with a torn lat muscle.4/30/2017
An official team photo captured a dildo in the background of this catcher's locker after a game.5/6/2017
This beloved mascot was caught giving the middle finger to fans after a particularly brutal 7-1 loss to the Brewers.5/31/2017
Pitcher Matt Harvey was banished to the bullpen after cameras caught him partying in this city during a road trip. He was traded soon after to Cincinnati on 5/1/18.4/21/2018
Noah Syndergaard was put on the DL with this rare children's disease.7/22/2018
The Mets suffered their worst loss in franchise history to this team, 25-4. Jose Reyes gave up 6 runs in the 9th to mercifully end the torture.7/31/2018
In what year will the Mets stop paying Bobby Bonilla nearly $1.5 million per year (+8% annual interest) in order to defer payment on a $5.9 million buyout from 2000?July 1st

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