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Can you name the answers to some very esoteric questions?

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Fastest animal when taking ''controlled dives'' into consideration (at 200mph)
One of the four horseman of the apocalypse.
Peter Griffin's favorite bar in ''Family Guy.''
Gene Wilder's character in ''Blazing Saddles''
This city has a history of defenestration- most famously in 1618 which is one of the traditional causes for the Thirty Years' War.
The setting of the 1949 film ''The Third Man.''
Earth's driest continent.
Thomas Edison's chief rival inventor.
The color of a giraffe's tongue (according to Ug in ''Salute Your Short'').
Name one of the four Gallilean moons of Jupiter.
Emperor Claudius's brother, who Adam Graves postulates was scared to death by his son, Caligula.
The daughter of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus.
This tiny part of a computer's hard drive helps dictate certain settings, such as ''slave'' and ''master.''
The male of this mammal species has a poisonous claw on its hind feet.
Only non-European territory which borders six other terriroties in Risk.
Air Force General Buck Turgidson is played by this actor in ''Dr. Strangelove.''
Name of the ''hardest'' cup in Mario Kart 64.
Longest serving American aircraft model.
Achilles's favorite cousin who -SPOILER ALERT- dies at Troy.
This player has the most short-handed goals in an NHL career.
Polyphemus's home island in Homer's ''The Odyssey.''
This is Kuwait's currency.
The history section of the library according to the Dewey Decimal System.
The Nile may be the longest, but this is (arguably) the widest river in the world.
This is the only lizard not currently extinct to naturally live in water.
The only state to only border one other state.
Giants Stadium was located in this state.
The Battle of Bunker Hill was predominantly fought on this hill in 1775.
A part of a modern automobile which reduces the amount of toxicity in emissions.
The Duke of Wellington & Lord Nelson are buried here...and it has its own ''tube'' stop too.

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