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'Diego, do your Spanish cockerel'Martin
'I just really love motorway services, it's like a little gang of shops that have gone on holiday together.'Arthur
'Obsessive is just a word the disorganized use for the focused'Kieran
'Why don't you write it down, put it in an envelope, tear it in half, throw it away and shut your face'Carolyn
'Martin, don't forget Lusty'Douglas
'Why am I constantly beset by pilots who think they're funny?'Carolyn
'I don't really like big hotel rooms anyway. Too many drawers. 'Cause, you know, you gotta put something in every drawe, haven't you? Or it doesn't feel like home. And sometimes inArthur
'I call it my orange platter'Arthur
'Captain dons cap, enters cabin to assist passengers'Martin
'I bet they call you Captain Hawkeye!'Hamilton leeman
'I particularly enjoyed her last ground proximity warning- the one where we were on the ground'Douglas
'Did the numbers you would have picked in the lottery come up again?'Martin
'Well, now you're redefining the terms of the argument'Hercules & Carolyn
'I don't know who you mean by that, madam, but I wouldn't call her an old woman'Arthur
'WENT TO MOW A MEADOW!'Martin, Arthur & Diego
'Sir, please extinguish your cigarette, take the paper cup off the smoke alarm, make a mental note that that trick never works, and return to your seat'Carolyn
'The lemon is in play'Douglas
'You find Arthur in philosophical mood'Douglas
'And where do the polar bears want to go?'Douglas
'You've got her.. A bottle of brown sauce. You incorrigble old romantic'Martin
'He didn't even wake up for my pre-landing safety announcement, and that's impressive because I did the version with the screams'Arthur
'If you can imagine such a thing, a pair of lovers even more famous than Terry and June'Douglas
'The Captain has turned on the signs, so stow away bags of all kinds. Then make sure your tray is folded away and your seat-back no longer reclined'Carolyn
'Martin, if you can find an empty room on the airfield, you are welcome to sit in it, and if you can lure Douglas in and then keep him there long enough to read a paper at him, youCarolyn

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