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Hint4-letter word
*Vehicle used in game (Mario ____)*
An internationally famous shop, WAL*____
One of the Simpsons, Maggie, Homer, Lisa, Marge and ____
Another term for going to jail is being behind
The planet between Earth and Jupiter
This symbol (?) is a question ____
What sound dogs make
Another term for vomit
A red and white house that holds animals such as horses
Setting something on fire
Babies that are 1 month old or less are new____s
A yellow vegetable grown in stalks
The center of an apple
Past tense of wear
A thin strip of something, or another word for cord
Hint4-letter word
*A power-up in Mario games, a ____ flower*
Above your eyebrows is your ____head
There is no blood and ____ in Mario games
If something is no longer there, it's ____
Dogs like to chew on ____s
Chocolate coated ice-cream or candy balls are called bon-____
The top and bottom of hamburgers are the ____
Another word for homeless people is ____
A word that doesn't exist, bum with a b on the end
*A bob-omb is a ____*
A Disney movie deer is ____i and a Flintstones child is ___-_am
A type of wire
A shorter term for carbohydrates
Another word for buggy
*A famous game, debuted in 1992 for the SNES, called Mario ____*

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