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 I am a microscopic plant composed of organic material, what am I?
 A sedimentary rock with 75% quartz is a?
 What magma is generated at divergent plate margins?
 What evidence is there for snowball earth?
 Name 3 pieces of evidence for the K-T extinction.
 A coarse grained >2mm sediment e.g. Conglomerate is also known as?
 Metamorphism occurs above what amount of pressure?
 What type of physical weathering occurs in high mountain regions?
 Name 3 causes of the K-T extinction.
 Crystals are usually denser than the liquid they are suspended in, so will settle out.. this is called?
 What does Precession do?
 Epifaunal refers to a Brachiopod being?
 What type of metamorphism has high temperature and high pressure?
 Why is the fossil record incomplete?
 A sedimentary rock with 75% mud is a?
 What evidence can be used to determine if a bed has been overturned?
 What is influencing past and present global climate?
 What time periods were Ammonites around in?
 When does deposition occur?
 What time periods were Ceratites around in?
 Bowen's continuous reaction series applies to?
 What term refers to long periods of statis followed by a rapid change?
 Metamorphism occurs between what temperature? (degrees)
 A sedimentary rock with 15% mud is a?
 True dip is the what?
 How is basaltic magma produced?
 Typical minerals in a Silicic rock e.g. Granite;
 % of Silica in Silicic rocks;
 What was the Cambrian explosion?
 A fine grained sediment e.g. mudstone is called what?
 Rocks often have more of what mineral after transportation?
 The area between 2 isograds is called a?
 Infaunal refers to a Brachiopod doing what?
 What is obliquity?
 Sediment with small, well rounded and well sorted grains are referred to as?
 Which fossils provide evidence for different climatic zones?
 % of Silica in Ultrabasic rocks;
 An environment of deposition characterised by the sediment deposited and fossils present is referred to as?
 I am a microscopic animal and composed of CaCO3, what am I?
 Vagrant refers to an animal that?
 Iron rich soils are commonly known as what?
 Snowball earth is when what?
 Benthic refers to an animal that?
 What does Obliquity do?
 Typical minerals in a Ultrabasic rock e.g. Peridotite;
 On a reverse fault, where is Pmin?
 What does the presence of water do to magma?
 How is andesitic magma produced?
 What term refers to a slow genetic change?
 A plane of constant metamorphic grade which separates metamorphic zones of different index minerals in known as an?
 I am a microscopic plant and composed of CaCO3, what am I?
 Typical minerals in a Intermediate rock e.g Diorite;
 What does Eccentricity do?
 % of Silica in Intermediate rocks;
 What rock forms in the Bouma Cycle?
 A rock made up of only Augite and Olivine is called?
 A medium grained >1mm sediment e.g. Sandstone is also known as what?
 Metasomatism often affects which rock?
 What term refers to horizontal displacement of a fault?
 How is granitic magma produced?
 The process by which the magma evolves into different compositions is called?
 Which oxygen isotope evaporates in warm climates?
 What caused changes in atmospheric composition e.g. CO2?
 When equilibrium is not maintained, what feature forms?
 Why is the fossil record biased?
 Typical minerals in a Basic rock e.g Gabbro;
 In a recumbent fold, the axis is what?
 Beds at the bottom of a series are older than the beds at the top. This is known as the Law of ....?
 What type of physical weathering occurs in areas over 30 degrees?
 Strain is defined as what?
 Where are island arcs formed?
 What type of Granite forms when it rises up and intrudes into the country rock?
 During glaciation, which oxygen isotope is locked in ice?
 Eccentricity occurs every how many years?
 A sedimentary rock with 25% feldspar is an?
 Precession occurs every how many years?
 What term refers to vertical displacement of a fault?
 What type of metamorphism has high temperature but low pressure?
 What term describes the relative temperature and pressure conditions under which metamorphic rocks form?
 What type of metamorphism has low temperature but high pressure?
 Stress is defined as what?
 The reaction between volitiles and the country rock in the aureole is known as?
 On a reverse fault, where is Pmax?
 Once molten glass droplets are also known as?
 What magma is generated at convergent continental continental plate margins?
 A syncline is when the youngest rocks are where?
 Why is Foraminifera used in the oil industry?
 On a normal fault, where is Pmin?
 What is precession?
 The process which carries sand mostly in suspension is called..?
 During glaciation, the oxygen in the sea water has relatively more of which isotope?
 Name the 4 controls on weathering.
 An anticline is when the oldest rocks are where?
 Rocks often have less of what mineral after transportation?
 Sediment with large, angular and poorly sorted grains are referred to as?
 What type of Granite forms during mountain building phases 'in situ'?
 Obliquity occurs every how many years?
 Necktonic refers to an animal that?
 Which oxygen isotope is locked in marine shells during glaciation?
 The removal of material through weathering AND erosion is known as?
 % of Silica in Basic rocks;
 Ash/volcanic deposits or wind blown particles are know as?
 What is Eccentricity?
 What magma is generated at convergent oceanic oceanic or oceanic continental plate margins?
 Deposits from glacial lakes with light and dark bands are known as?
 On a normal fault, where is Pmax?
 What sedimentary structures are formed in the Bouma Cycle?
 What causes the magma in the magma chamber to rise?
 What time periods were Goniatites around in?

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