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 Why would the amount of reserve fluctuate?
 A resource is what?
 A reserve is what?
 What is a Bulk resource?
 What is a mineral deposit?
 What is an ore?
 What is gangue?
 What is a protore?
 What is grade?
 What is meant by the cut-off grade?
 What is tenor?
 What is Tonnage?
 What does Syngenetic refer to?
 What does Epigenetic refer to?
Syngenetic or Epigenetic?Evaporites are?
Syngenetic or Epigenetic?Residual deposits e.g. leaching are?
Syngenetic or Epigenetic?Placer deposits are?
Syngenetic or Epigenetic?Precipitated deposits are?
Syngenetic or Epigenetic?Secondary Enrichment is?
Syngenetic or Epigenetic?Pegmatite veins are?
Syngenetic or Epigenetic?Metasomatism is?
Syngenetic or Epigenetic?Gravity settling and layered accumulates are?
Syngenetic or Epigenetic?Hydrothermal activity is?
Syngenetic or Epigenetic?Porphyry Copper is?
 Which ore minerals are formed in Magmatic Segregation?
 When does Magmatic Segregation occur?
 How does Magmatic Segregation form?
 Why do the minerals sink to the bottom of the magma chamber in Magmatic Segregation?
 What is this sinking process called and what does it form?
 Why does Chromite and Magnetite form first in Magmatic segregation?
 An example of Magmatic Segregation would be?
 What does the Bushveld Complex show?
 Hydrothermal mineral veins are formed when?

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