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 186 members, and oversees the global financial system.
 A group of emerging superpowers.
 A developing country which is industrialising and gaining wealth and power e.g. NIC's.
 192 members states, main aim is to prevent war and to arbitrate on international disputes.
 The world when dominated by 2 superpowers.
 153 members, involved in trade policy, agreements, settling disputes and promoting free trade.
 26 members, a military alliance to safeguard the freedom and security of its member countries.
 An economic and political system in which trade and industry are controlled by private owners.
 A political and social system where all property is owned by the state.
 Controlling others through culture e.g. USA.
 A country with dominant global political and economic influence.
 An organisation made up of different member states.
 A superpower that dominates a uni-polar world.
 Has a primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security.
 When superpowers compete for world dominance.
 A system where a nation takes control of a territory in another part of the world, often by force.
 Extending a country's power and influence through colonisation by use of military force.
 The form of indirect control over developing countries e.g. former colonies.
 27 member states, a political and economic union which has developed a single market.
 The state that exists now where the world is dominated by one superpower e.g. USA.
 An internationally supported bank whose president is nominated by the USA.
 30 members, supports sustainable economic growth and contributes to growth in trade.

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