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general locationbonehint
throatonly dis-articulated bone in body
Arm/elbowouch! hahahahahhahahahh
handyou pick your nose with it.
chesta cage wich comprimes the sternum
jawessential in chewing food
side of face1 on either side of your head, paige got hit here
legslongest, strongest, and largest bone
spine areavery near to your anus
collarbone most frequently broken
heellargest bone in foot
armulnar nerve runs near this bone
shoulderthe latin word is blade... shoulder....blade=
general locationbonehint
forheadwhen you dive in a pool, you're hitting this first
lower armwhen playing volley ball, you hit balls with this
back of headwhen sleeping this part of head hits pillow first
chest/ breast bonewhen chest bumping, you bump this with others
lower rear skullshape like a trapezoid
upper backughh massage my upper back please
lower backwhen i give hayleigh piggy back rides she hurts this region
upper backarticulates with the ribs
handsthere are five of these bones in one hand
hip boneyou carry your babies on this bone
knee capyou often get bruises on this part of the knee
calf bonesconnected above and below

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