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Forced Order
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DefinitionsWordPart of Speech
To make or become better; improve
Self assurance; poise
Lacking adult maturity or experience; immature
A representative or perfect example of a specific class or type
To transgress or exceed the limits of; violate
To make an effort to insinuate oneself into the good graces or favor of another
Weak, lazy non-energetic
Secret, hidden
To throw from or as if from a great height
Belonging to essential nature or constitution of a thing
Imposing rigorous standards of performance; constricted; tight
DefinitionsWordPart of Speech
To detest thoroughly; abhor
To a supposed cause, source or author
To feel or express sorror or compassion
To speed up the process of; accelerate
To fix a problem
A state of agitation; turbulence
Resulting from heedless actions; unintentional
Very small
Not revealing what one feels or thinks
To take something (money) for someone's own use
A tendency or inclination of the mind or temperament

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