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Can you name the Characters from the show the Weekenders?

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The popular girl who wants to hangout with the gang after her friends didnt give her a present for arbour day
The self-proclaimed 'cool guy'
The coordinator of Helpers Helping the Helpless
'cool guy's' siblings
Her career aptitude test she would be a ballerina
Brainless oaf, but it very good at clues
The cool kids
Tino's stepdad
She's always in unusual and embarrassing predicaments
De-facto lead character
This teacher thought everything was, 'A real kick in the pants!'
Constantly saying, 'Hey yowza, dudes!'
Elderly woman, thinks all kids are lazy
The 'jock' of the group
She likes pointy things
Answers his door in his bathrobe
Lor's crush
The intellectual of the group
Tino's cousin who had the gnat collection
Bully, who Lor beat in a race running backwards
All he can say is 'sure'

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