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QUIZ: Can you name the Fairy Tail Characters?

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QuestionCharacter NameHint
The daughter of the master of Sabertooth-
Gajeel's exceed-
The goat celestial spirit-
Sock obsession-
The leader of the zodiac-
Natsu's brother-
Grimoire Heart's master/Fairy Tail's second master-
Lucy's mother-
Fairy Tail's fastest runner-
Lucy's father-
Aquarius' boyfriendA scorpion
Natsu's little buddyBlue flying cat
Flaming hairCalls Lucy the blondie
The pervert cowCelestial spirit
Water magic/Lucy's rival?Crazy over Gray
Ice-make magicCrazy over Juvia
Has always wanted to beat Natsu in front of everyoneEarring on left ear
Fairy Tail's cowgirlGreen hair~
The master of SabertoothHas a beard
Uses iron dragon slaying magicHas black hair
Uses celestial magicHas blonde hair
QuestionCharacter NameHint
Second generation lightning dragon slayerHas blonde hair
Uses sky dragon slaying magicHas blue hair
Uses ice make magicHas dark blue hair
The leader of the Seven Kin of PurgatoryHas dark hair
Raised by UltearHas light pink hair
Uses fire dragon slaying magicHas pink hair
Uses celestial magicHas white hair
Makarov's sonLaxus' father, Raventail's master
Extremely loyal to LaxusLight green hair*
Uses requip magicMy fav character! ♥ ok has scarlet hair .-.
Gray's father?One of the Nine Demon Gates
Held a grudge against JellalSimon's sister!
Solid script magicThe genius
Realized Lucy loves celestial spiritsTwin celestial spirits ☻♀♂
~memory make~Wears a hat w/ a feather ☺
Always around Wendy, can be strictWhite flying cat
Target: Lucy HeartfiliaFrom the future
Warns Fairy Tail about the eclipse cannon and tells them to save the futureFrom the future
Happy's mother?Mirajane's sister
The beautiful demonLisanna's sister
The legit demon?One of the Nine Demon Gates

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