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QuestionCharacter NameAnime
Fairy Tail's salamanderFairy Tail
Titania, Queen of the Fairies♥Fairy Tail
A war god ☻Noragami
Leader of the DollarsDurarara!!
Leader of the Yellow Scarves♣Durarara!!
Saika's real ownerDurarara!!
'I'll kill all the titans!'Attack On Titan
Movin' at the speed of soundSonic X
Symmetry obsession☺Soul Eater
The redhead's my boy ♦Assassination Classroom
Super high school level: HopeDanganronpa: The Animation
Shirou's servantFate/Stay Night
The pink 'n' fluffyKirby: Right Back At Ya!
Kikyo's reincarnationInuYasha
Inuyasha's brotherInuYasha
'I wanna stay with Lord Sesshomaru forever!'InuYasha
'I wanna stay with Lord Sesshomaru forever!'InuYasha
Likes the presidentMaid Sama!
The captain of the Seven Deadly SinsThe Seven Deadly Sins
'My dear Haruhi'Ouran High School Host Club
The pervert's best friendHeaven's Lost Property
Kirito's real name?Sword Art Online
Kirito's girl.Sword Art Online
'Stay away from Shizuku.'My Little Monster
The purple-haired otakuKiss Him, Not Me
Satan's son who inherited the blue flamesBlue Exorcist
Satan's younger sonBlue Exorcist
The main character?Code Geass
QuestionCharacter NameAnime
Gohan's grandsonDragon Ball
Goku's first friendDragon Ball
Martial arts masterDragon Ball
The world's destruction? (the green man)Dragon Ball
Goku's brother!Dragon Ball Z
The fullmetal alchemistFullmetal Alchemist
'I'm simply one hell of a butler'Black Butler
The crazy psycho-pathFuture Diary
The one-eyed ghoulTokyo Ghoul
That substitute soul reaperBleach
From whom he stole her powersBleach
Loves to toy with humansDurarara!!
Hates a certain Izaya OriharaDurarara!!
Celty's loverDurarara!!
'This academy's just a stepping stone for me'Food Wars!
Dark Flame MasterLove, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!
Eromanga-senseiEromanga Sensei
AngelAngel Beats!
The only normal one of the fourTeekyuu
He couldn't hear the tune of his musicYour Lie In April
He saved the world and lost his memoryCharlotte
'One day, I'm gonna surpass god'Soul Eater
Super edgy main character who thankfully dies in the endSchool Days
He just wants to bring back his cousinTrinity Seven
Ging's sonHunter X Hunter (2011)
Older sibling of 'Blank'No Game No Life
Younger sibling of 'Blank'No Game No Life

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