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Can you name the ten biomes?

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-treeless plains -bitterly cold -long dark winters -little percipitation -permafrost
-ex. Gobi -sparse vegetation - cold winters and warm summers -low percipitation
-long dry very cold winters -dominated by evergreen trees -variety of wildlife ex.bears, wolves, moose
-bitterly cold winters -dry hot summers -uneven percipitation -fertile soil
-hot and dry most of the year -few plants - hard wind-blown surfaces with rocks
-temperate shrub land -long winter rainy season -along coastal areas -thin soil -fires prevelant
-near the equator -warm temperatures with high humidity -heavy rainfall -high NPP
-moderate average temperatures that change significantly with the season -long warm summers -abundant percipitation-ex. oak, hickory and maple trees
-ex. the Mojave in southern California -daytime temperatures are high in the summer but low in the winter -sparse vegetation ex. cacti
-scattered clumps of trees -year round warm temperatures -alternating dry and wet seasons -herds of grazing hoofed animals

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