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Can you name the Star Wars characters from their bad descriptions?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionStar Wars Character
Silent, Tattooed, and has a devilish look to him
A great mechanic and copilot, but a little short
This asthmatic man was handicapped in a war
This man gave up a military career for a criminal life
This man trained a troublemaker, then tried to make up for it by watching over the troublemaker's son
Led her people in politics and through a hostile takeover, all before she turned 20
This man left his life of counting money for a life of hardship and good, then he became evil
This man looks exactly like his father
DescriptionStar Wars Character
An intellectual coward who humbles Ewoks and complains constantly
Wanted to be like his father, tries to kill father... Simply has father issues
Crime lord with an eating disorder and a deep laugh
Wise hermit who lives in a swamp
This man mastered the darker side of politics
This military leader was grievously injured and ended up with more limbs and a new body
When this person decided to work with the Rebels, her goal was to royally screw the established government
A military leader who shouts the obvious

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