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Character HintsCharacter
Drugs, Paint, Future
Persuasion, Criminal, Company
Radiation, Revenge, Nuclear
Fear, Strength, Killer
Empathy, Nurse, Brother
Machines, Genius, Rebel
Tears, Twin, Poison
Sidekick, Supercharging, Crimson
Dreams, Mother, Company
Watches, Telekinesis, Power
Healer, Mother, Catalyst
Strength, Mother, Mirrors
Lightning, Sadistic, Company
Cheerleader, Regeneration, College
Fire, Killer, Level 5
Phasing, Father, Firefighter
Politics, Flight, Brother
Strength, Scientist, India
Absorbtion, Villain, Father
Mob, Casino, Healer
Telepathy, Police, Father
Regeneration, Company, Samurai
Illusions, Company, Kidnapper
Gold, Company, Father
Twin, Wedding, Antidote
Character HintsCharacter
Earth, Carnival, Brother
Time, Comics, Teleport
Flight, High School, Boyfriend
Telepathy, Deathbed, Company
Sound, Level 5, Body Switch
Weather, Sister, Abandoned
Father, Telepathy, Nightmare
Speed, Knives, Carnival
Invisible, Company, Mentor
Fire, Mother, Company
Politics, Ice, Sisters
Tattoos, Carnival, Empathy
Melting, Musician, Virginia
Maps, Nightmare Man, Location
Thief, Speed, Nemesis
Deaf, Office, Synesthesia
Cousin, Mimicry, St. Joan
Father, Killer, Taxidermist
Puppet, Level 5, Carnival
Hearing, Rap, Mechanic
Magnetism, Criminal, Level 5
Impenetrable, Brother, Warlord
Memories, Company, Negation
Invisible, College, Carnival
Memory, Waitress, Texas

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