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DataAnswerExtra Information
Tribe that lives in the desertColors: Tan to white, black eyes
Tribe that lives in the rainforestColors: Can change, like a chameleon
Tribe that lives in the north/polar regionColors: Light blue to white
Tribe that lives in the oceanColors: Greens and blues
Tribe that lives in the swampColors: Shades of brown
Tripe that lived on a hidden island (now they live in the rainforest)Colors: Black, with silver scales on the undersides of their wings
Tribe that lives in the mountainsColors: Oranges and reds
Dragon continentStarts with a P
Number of moonsMore than 1
What can Rainwings spit?It's black!
Nightwings can ____ ____ and tell the futureIt's rather creepy
Sandwings have a poisonous barb on their tails. What cures the venom?It's a plant
Mudwings can hold their breath for one ____That's quite a while.
Icewings can breathe an icy cloud. What does it do to enemies?It doesn't burn them!
The stripes on the sides of Seawings do what?They communticate underwater with them.
The Skywings' only special power is the ability to fly better than other dragons. What makes this possible?They match their egos.
Mudwing in the prophecyIs resistant to fire
Sandwing in the prophecyHalf Nightwing
Seawing in the prophecyA lost princess
Nightwing in the prophecyLoves scrolls
Rainwing in the prophecyBecomes a queen
Icewing in the Jade WingletGrumpy, Hostile
Mudwing in the Jade WingletPart of Clay's sibling group
DataAnswerExtra Information
Nightwing in the Jade WingletREADS MINDS
Rainwing in the Jade WingletSmall, Irritating, and Brightly Colored
Sandwing in the Jade WingletQibli-ish
Seawing in the Jade WingletAnimus!
Skywing in the Jade WingletGrumpy, dies in the 6th book
The dragon with fire in her scalesLikes Clay
The previous dragon's motherAlso dies
Other two guardiansWebs survives.
First main enemy (a queen)Glory almost kills her
Second main enemy (lived 2000 years ago)Peril frees him
First Sandwing sisterThe nasty one
Second Sandwing sisterThe cunning one
Last Sandwing sisterThe pretty one
Darkstalker's probable mateCould see the future a little too well
Seawing animus; Darkstalker's friendAlso lived 2000 years ago
The previous dragon's mateHer name is a colour
The item that Darkstalker placed his magic insideThey could write in it
The dragon that Darkstalker controlledHis father!
Darkstalker's sisterShe was a bit strange
Darkstalker was a hybrid of what two tribes?His sister looked strange because of this
The Nightwings move onto this type of mountain to escape from DarkstalkerIt's extremly dangerous
The dragon who made up the dragonet prophecyHe died when the Nightwing's previous home erupted
The Nightwings now live under which tribe's command?They were not happy about it

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