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Chess piece that can be traded for [last rung] after crossing the board
Time to begin hunting werewolves?
Oh _ (trick-taking game)
Party games might involve truths or these
Type of vulnerable wolf
Yahtzee has five of them
“Mystic”al animal?
Obstacle a Stratego specialist could destroy
Number of Men for an ancient Morris game
Number of stones in play after a Nim game finishes
It might feel 'funny' to an Operation patient
Tri_ (trivia game)
What long roads might do (in Carcassone, etc.)
Stone, perhaps (in Mancala)
What you might do to your opponent
Alternative to Road, for transporting goods
One of the Monopoly tokens
Set of matching cards, in Go Fish
Chess piece
Stone, perhaps (in Catan)
Place to hold Scrabble tiles
Another place to keep Scrabble tiles
Feeling funny, like an Operation patient?
Draw cards from a deck, say
Color of some Life tokens
What you do to an opposing Battleship
Something you might need to do in Cranium
Chess piece

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