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SpaceComplete metric
SequencePoints get arbitrarily close together
CutFor constructing real numbers
GeometryTriangles' degrees add up to 180
PrimeOf the form (2^n)+1
ExtensionSplitting field of a separable polynomial
SpaceDistinct points have disjoint neighborhoods
DeterminantOf a matrix of derivatives
Up-arrow notationFor writing large numbers
IntegralUses measure theory
PrimeOf the form (2^n)-1
RingEvery ideal is finitely generated
TripleSum of squares of two integers is the square of the third
Zeta functionBased on an infinite sum
NumberUpper bound in proofs about the frequency of primes
SeriesApproximates a function by polynomials
FunctionContinuous everywhere, differentiable nowhere
Set theoryFraenkel's work improved upon it

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