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Blatantly missed shot, in basketball
Presidential plane
Nonexistent musical instrument
Website coordinating lodging rentals
1980 comedy called 'Flying High' in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and the Philippines
It flew 193 million passengers in 2013, more than any competitor
Flying machine since 1783
Jon Krakauer book about Everest disaster
Currently broadcasting
To act haughty
'Doctor Who' pilot episode (original series)
April 22
1968 photograph from Apollo 8
When followed by someone's name, 'snap out of it!'
Frequent event in the area clued by *
Sort of annelid
Tolkien setting
Chemical element like scandium, yttrium, or lanthanide metals
Pearl Buck novel, won Pulitzer Prize in 1932
Board game, or book, about cathedral construction
2011 cooperative board game, designed by Kevin Lanzig
September 1666 event
Portable gun
Lightning bug
Mozilla browser
Cause of accidental military death
*Some tectonic plate boundaries near the Pacific Ocean
An Adele single that charted at #1 in 2011
Bright glow seen in thunderstorms, on ships or near lightning rods
'Guitar Hero' challenge
Military company involved in 2007 Nisour Square massacre
Someone having trouble getting acclimatized
Molecule with deuterium isotope
Slogan for instant food
Popular theme in Monet's paintings
Sport dating from late-1800s Scotland
Torture method publicized in 2004
Ducks, geese, or swans
Anti-counterfeiting property of paper
1995 film with record-setting budget

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