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What color is the microphone port
What does DSP stand for
What color is the vga connector
What does HDMI stand for
how many pins are in an s video cord
what colors make up the composite cable
GeForce manufacture what item
What does MAC stand for in MAC Adress
How many letters or numbers are in a MAC Adress
What is short modulator-demodulator
What does NIC stand for
How many pins are on a vga cable
Besides the cpu what other item has a heat sync
What does AGP stand for
What is used to reset the boot password form the mother board
What was the computers only sound before sound cards
the cable that conects the CRT to the video card
what is the color of the video composite cord
what does vga stand for
what are the colors of a component cord
how many speakers in 5.1 souround sound
vedio cards have their own?
Turtle beaches make what item
Gpu stand for
What holds severl audio cards together

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