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Can you name the Psychodynamic Approach to Abnormality?

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Psychologist who developed this approach
The unconscious part of the psyche
The conscious part of the psyche
The morally driven part of the psyche
What balances the superego and the ID?
'The ego may be unable to balance the competing demands of the ID and the Superego due to........
If conflicts are not properly resolved it can result in a...........
Children who do not identify with their parents during what stage will find it impossible to develop a conscience?
Painful early experiences can cause....
Stage of psychosexual development occurring from 0-18 months
When does the anal stage finish?
Opposite of the Oedipus Complex
Case study associated with the phallic stage
Hans was scared of.....
He thought the horses looked like.....
'The calm before the storm'
When does latency start?
Last stage of psychosexual development
What did Hans call his penis?
What 'distort or deny reality'?
This mechanism prevents unacceptable desires or emotions from becoming conscious
When people's own unacceptable faults are attributed onto other people
'Going back in psychological time'
Going beyond denial and acting in a way opposite to how they feel
Diverting emotions onto someone else
Strength: The model has been......on the way we think about what motivates behaviour
Weakness: It is d...........
Strength: It has highlighted the importance of what?
Weakness: The data is.......?
Weakness: It ignores...............experiences?

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