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QUIZ: Can you name the Biological Approach to Abnormality?

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Another name for the Biological model?
It has dominated the field for over...
First introduced by the....
It classifies the disorder as a.....
It identifies the underlying...
It prescribes appropriate.... one physical cause
What type of dementia is an example of brain damage?
What causes Alzheimers?
What is Korsakoff's Syndrome an impairment of?
What causes Korsakoff's Syndrome?
What percentage of Schizophrenia cases have been linked to the flu virus?
Who linked Syphilis to General Paresis?
What trimester of pregnancy was linked to flu and schizophrenia?
'Chemicals that transmit nerve impulses from one nerve cell to the next' are what?
Schizophrenia has been associated with...?
Very high levels of coristol was linked to....
What scans were used to support the neurotransmitter theory?
'Chemical messengers released by the pituitary adrenal system' are what?
Is cortisol a hormone or neurotransmitter?
Gottesman (1991) looked at how many studies of schizophrenia in twins?
In Gottesman's study, what was the concordance rate between MZ twins?
What was the concordance rate in DZ twins?
Swayze and Anderson found that some schizophrenia patients had enlarged what?
Are adopted children who come from a history of mental disorder still in with a chance of developing one themsevles?
Who said that stigma was a weakness of this approach?
What do patients relinquish within this model?
Are patients passive or active patients?
It is also criticized for being.....
A strength is that it is supported by

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