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What is Liam afraid of?
Who auditioned on X Factor twice?
What is Niall's nickname?
What is Liam's last name?
What does Harry want to name his daughter?
What was their first music video?
Who is the youngest?
What is Louis' nickname?
What instrument does Niall play?
What organ is Liam missing one of?
What is Niall's older brother's name?
Who is the oldest?
What place did they come in?
What is Louis' last name?
What is Harry's last name?
What 2 people share middle names?
What is Zayn's middle name?
Where is Liam from?
What is Liam's nickname?
Who is a lefty?
Who is Zayn's fiance?
Where is Louis from?
What is Louis' middle name?
What is Liam's middle name?
Where is Niall from?
What is the Harry/Louis bromance called?
What is Harry's favorite animal?
What band was Harry in before 1D?
What superhero is Louis?
What sport do they all like?
What is Harry's older sister's name?
Where is Zayn from?
Where is Harry from?
What is Harry's middle name?
How many people in the band?
What is Zayn's last name?
What is Niall's last name?
What show were they on?
What soccer(football) team is Louis associated with?
What is Harry's nickname?

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