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QUIZ: Can you name the How Well Do You Know BigBang(K-Pop)??

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Who is the leader of Big Bang?
Who is the Maknae(Youngest)?
Who is the Hyung(Oldest)?
What Drama was Daesung recently in?
What's the name of the Drama T.O.P was in?
How many members were in Big Bang originally?
What's Taeyang twitter name?
Who in the group had to lose weight to join Big Bang?
Who writes most of Big Bang songs?
Who speaks Japanese fluently?
What was G-Dragon and Taeyang name in their training days?
Who is the main rapper?
Who is the sub rapper?
What other group was featured in a song with Big Bang?
What is the name of that song?
What company produces Big Bang?
Who is well known as the fashion leader?
What song by G-Dragon was considered plagiarism?
What song and person was it said to be copied from?
What are Big Bang fans called? (If you are one you should know)

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