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DefinitionWord or PhraseSpoken by
Fictional Scottish festivalGroundskeeper Willie/Principal Skinner
Canada's nicknameHomer
The villains in one of the McBain moviesMcBain
Expression of indifferenceBart/Lisa
French word meaning 'devious'Bart
Chinese word for 'crisis' and 'opportunity'Homer
A science expertTroy McLure
To enhance or heartenJebediah Springfield
The state or condition of being an adultKearney
An Albany expression meaning 'hamburgers'Principal Skinner
Florida's nicknameHomer
Authentic, validMiss Hoover
The atomic weight of BologniumMrs. Krabappel
DefinitionWord or PhraseSpoken by
A term for the phenomenon of getting shot 3 days before retirementChief Wiggum
Exclamation uttered during an act of theftVarious
A condition resulting from excitement over studying Jebediah SpringfieldHollis Hurlbut
Milk substitute rich in vitamin RBart
Annoyed gruntHomer
A legendary horse born with the head of a rabbit and the body of a rabbit.Chief Wiggum
Shrinking machineProf. Frink
A hybrid fruit that is half tomato and half tobaccoHomer
An animal Homer's never heard of that only sings twice a dayRon Howard's daughter
EvasionKent Brockman
Children raised by unfit parentsFlanders
A big, dumb, balding North American ape with no chin and a short temperBart
Australian word for 'bullfrogs'Australian Squeaky Voiced Teen
All-purpose nonsense wordProf. Frink
Word to describe something that is both tasty and sacrilegiousHomer

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