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DefinitionWord or PhraseSpoken By
The act of getting someone into troubleKent Brockman
It's what Brad Goodman's self-help seminar puts the 'you' intoTroy McLure
The process of becoming dumberLisa
Medical condition that killed Chief Wiggum's uncleChief Wiggum
The act of spoiling the fun of buying something by noticing its exorbitant priceMr. Burns
BrakesMr. Burns
TelevisionMr. Burns
Bart had a case of these while in Cyprus Creek Elementary's Leg-up ProgramHis Teacher
A condition resulting from excitement over studying Chester A. ArthurLisa
The type of Protestant church attended by the Simpson familyReverend Lovejoy
Word made up by the faculty of Springfield Elementary School to describe Lisa Simpson's personalityLisa
DefinitionWord or PhraseSpoken By
Medical term for sitting or lying downDr. Nick
To become dorky againProf. Frink
The type of child-rearing protocol invented by the University of Minnesota and employed on Ned FlandersDr. Foster
Applause specifically directed toward menopauseRobert Wagner
Pie that is on the floorHomer
A term describing an assassin's inability to kill a senile old manMr. Burns
PretzelMr. Burns
To succeed despite idiocyVarious
Popular barroom game in AustraliaCrocodile Dundee-esque Australian
Ice creamMr. Burns
The murder of a giantBiblical Chief Wiggum
BuffaloSpringfield settler
AcceleratorMr. Burns
13th monthHomer

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