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Maryland FactTrue or False?
Maryland was founded mostly by Protestants (and 1000s of British convicts) to be a haven for Catholicism
The Maryland Toleration Act of 1649 officially enforced tolerance for all religions
Maryland was a slave state during the Civil War
Marylanders owned slaves during the Civil War
Marylanders like to have their cake and eat it too
The state song 'Maryland, My Maryland', was written in 1861 as a Confederate battle hymn that referred to President Lincoln as a 'tyrant' and 'despot'
The state sport is jousting
Maryland's current NFL franchise is named after a poem by a famous writer who moved to Baltimore where he allegedly killed himself when he couldn't take it anymore
After years of plotting their escape, Baltimore's previous NFL franchise literally abandoned the state in the middle of the night and fled to Cleveland
Technically, the Washington Redskins play in Maryland too
The Baltimore Orioles baseball team used to be pretty good
Maryland FactTrue or False?
Former Vice President Spiro Agnew is the highest ranking government official to come from Maryland and the second VP to resign in disgrace
The state motto used to be 'We've got crabs!', until Gov. Schaefer changed it in 1988 when he realized the other states were laughing at us
In MD, the phenomenon of driving 20 miles to work on a clear, sunny day and passing no fewer than 12 accidents and even a few cars that have burst into flames is called 'Tuesday'
Marylanders have 27 words for 'boredom' but no word for 'turn signal'
The state bird is the middle finger
No matter how bad our winter is, all MDers have a friend from up north who mocks it saying 'in Wisconsin, we don't even break out the long pants 'til the snow's up to our armpits'
Likewise, no matter how hot the summer is here, all Marylanders have an annoying friend from the south who'll say 'You call this hot? This is Christmas weather in Texas!
Maryland is the 5th most crowded state in the union with nearly 600 people per square mile
Maryland air is technically breathable
Maryland is the most murderous state in the union
Maryland has the highest median household income of any state and the fifth lowest depression and suicide rate

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