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Can you name the films with the words 'king, 'queen', 'prince', or 'princess' in their titles?

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1933/2005Fay Wray/Naomi Watts
1951Humphrey Bogart
1956Yul Brynner
1957Laurence Olivier
1975Sean Connery
1987Robin Wright
1991Jeff Bridges
1991Kevin Costner
1994*Jeremy Irons
1994Helen Mirren
1997*Hayao Miyazaki
1998*Val Kilmer
1999Jodie Foster
2001Anne Hathaway
2002Dwayne Johnson
2003Viggo Mortensen
2004Clive Owen
2004Julia Stiles
2006Forest Whitaker
2006Michael Sheen
2008Ben Barnes
2009Daniel Radcliffe
2009*Oprah Winfrey
2010Jake Gyllenhaal

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