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Can you name the missing names of these Simpsons characters??

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NameMissing Name
Ned F_______
D______J__ Quimby
Apu N_________________
Lunchlady D____
Otto M___
A____ Skinner
Artie Z___
Bleeding Gums M_____
Cookie K___
Disco S__
Gil G________
H____ Lovejoy
Janie P_____
Arnie P__
Jasper B_______
J_______ Springfield
Jimbo J____
Handsome P___
Herschel K_________
NameMissing Name
Patty B______
Comic B__ G__
Kent B_______
Squeaky Voiced T___
Cletus D_____ Spuckley
Homer J__ Simpson
Kearney Z_______
Moe S______
Chief C_____ Wiggum
Prof. J___ Frink, Jr.
C______ Montgomery Burns
Edna K________
Dr J_____ Hibbert
Drederick T____
W_____ Smithers
Lindsey N_____
Luigi R______
The Y__ Guy

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