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Can you name the food items from their descriptions in Tomodachi Life?

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Nature's dessert. Watch out where you put that peel - it's dangerous.
A southern breakfast staple. It's basically butter with some ground corn.
It's a bit corny, but movies aren't the same without this salty, buttery snack.
Italy's version of porridge. Supplement the cornmeal dish with meat or veggies.
[Answer] are like mutated cucumbers. If you're into that sort of thing, have at it.
Shredded potatoes, fried to form these golden patties of breakfast potential.
Ew, there are snails on your plate! Oh, wait.. I mean.. eat up! It's a delicacy.
[Answer] is Italian for ''pull me up.'' It should really be ''eat me up'' instead.
It's a little plain alone, but adding fruit makes it tastier. Great for digestion.
Crispy shells stuffed with spicy fillings and fresh guacamole. Fiesta time!
If you dislike it on its own, add peanut butter and raisins for a fun variation.
A hawaiian dish with a meat patty, gravy, and a fried egg on white rice.
[Answer] is nature's butter. Makes any sandwich or butter instantly better.
A red Russian soup full of beetroot and other veg. Serve hot or cold.
It's like a little tree! A healthy little tree that tastes great steamed.
A fruity drink full of chewy tapioca pearls. Gotta love that big straw.
You're three minutes away from total noodle-ocity. Can you wait that long?
Crush them for their oil, or chop them up for a very grown-up pizza.
Crispy tortilla chips topped with pico de gallo, cheese, and jalapeƱos.
Frothy milk floating atop bitter coffee. Drink it for your daily moment of zen.
Pasta, parmesan, and pine nuts got married. This is their beautiful baby.
Fill a flaky pie crust with chicken and gravy, and you get this. Evil or Genius.
Tenderized, boneless meat, fried until crispy. Guten to the last bite.
Pasta with ground beef and tomato sauce. Can't argue with the classics.
Disliking [answer] means you're unrefined. Or don't like fish eggs. One of the two.
Deep-fried squid with ketchup for dipping. It's tastier than it sounds.
A side dish of raw cabbage, carrots, and mayo. Nothing too exciting here.
Crispy roasted duck served with savory pancakes and a tangy hoisin sauce.
Don't worry, vegetarians - this is the fruit, not the bird. Enjoy sans guilt.
Called a [answer], but it's really Austrian. Regardless, it's puffy and awesome.
Straight from a carnival to your tummy. It must be what eating a cloud is like.
Say ''yellow'' to the ocean's finest, served with appetizing saffron rice.

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