Video Game Parasites

Can you name the games which feature organisms that exhibit parasitic behavior?

ParasiteGame or SeriesDescription
Alien (Xenomorph)Uses the larval facehugger to implant an embryo into the host. After gestation the alien evacuates via the chest cavity. Has a potent acidic discharge.
Ampulex Compressa GiganteusGenetically modified species of wasp which injects its eggs into a host, eventually changing the host into a zombie. Unleashed upon the town of Willamette, Colorado.
Annelids (The Many)Worm-like creatures controlled by a hive-mind which calls itself The Many. Invaded the spacecraft Von Braun, causing most crew members to mutate.
AparoidPart-mechanical insect-like aliens who can infect both machines and living creatures. Collectively controlled by the Aparoid Queen, who attacked the planet of Corneria.
BonethiefCan possess humans, and attacks by bursting out from within the body - a sight which is rather detrimental to one's sanity.
BorewormA parasitic worm which resides within the host and consumes their body from the inside. Usually found sliding across the floor in West Mansion.
BulbminA species that infects Bulborbs, making it grow a leafy stalk from its back. Still has the voracious appetite of a Bulborb.
DaemitesControls the host by wrapping itself around the spine. Discovered while the Nazis were searching for Beliar's skull.
ExocelTendriled parasites which enter other living creatures via the mouth. Discovered when unwittingly released by an offshore oil well owned by the Russian mafia.
GUILTMan-made parasites developed by Delphi, whose presence is indicated by chiral reactions. Kyriaki and Pempti are examples of GUILT strains.
HeadcrabCapable of leaping long distances, they attach to a host's head, mutating it into a zombie-like state. More agile and venomous variants exist.
KhezuPale white wyverns which can conduct electrical currents through their body. Khezu whelps are injected into hosts to grow and develop.
Las PlagasAlters its host's behavior, and may emerge when the host body takes enough damage. Originally used by the cult Los Illuminados to recruit members. Sensitive to bright lights.
LavosIntending to drain the planet's energy to produce its spawn, it remained dormant until the year AD 1999, when it plunged the world into an apocalyptic state.
MetroidUsually appears as a jellyfish-like organism with distinctive red nuclei and uses mandibles to drain life energy from other creatures.
Mind WormBuries into the brain, subjecting its host to violent delusions and their deepest terrors. Can travel in mobile colonies known as 'boils'.
MitochondriaOriginally in a dormant, symbiotic relationship with higher organisms, they can be 'awakened' and controlled by the collective entity known as Eve.
NecromorphsExtremely aggressive bacterial species which spreads by infecting dead bodies. They can repurpose parts of the corpse and transform it into a new form. Mostly invulnerable except against dismemberment.
OktigiA greedy squid-like creature which replaces the head of its host, allowing it to survive on land. Oktigi have taken a liking to business suits and fine cigars.
Pain WormSpawned by Putrid Defilers. Gestates in the brains of demons and feeds off demonic thoughts until the host dies, at which point they burrow out of the skull to find a new host.
Parasect (tōchūkasō)Tōchūkasō mushrooms grow on the back of its crab-like host's body. They eventually fuse into one large mushroom when they completely control the host.
Queen GohmaThick-armored arachnid which plagued the Great Deku Tree by draining its energy to produce offspring. Her single giant eye acts as a weak point.
SilentCauses the host to experience extreme feelings of anger, aggression or depression. In advanced infections, takes over the host's mind and causes them to commit vile crimes.
The FloodParasitic organisms which consume the biomass of sentient life forms. The final life stage and highest ranking of the Flood is known as the Gravemind.
XFloating gelatinous parasites native to SR388, which can mimic the DNA and memories of host organisms.
ZergA ruthless species which seeks to assimilate other advanced species. Connected by a hive-mind, Zerg parasites can attach to enemy units and be used for reconnaissance.
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