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Can you name the supporting characters from the main Pokémon series games (Gen I-IV)?

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RoleCharacterFirst Appeared in Gen:
A Pokémon professor from Pallet Town who studies Pokémon and human relationshipsI
Blue's older sister who may offer to groom your PokémonI
Often called a 'Pokémaniac', he invented the original Pokémon storage systemI
He judges the suitability of Pokémon nicknames and allows the player to rename PokémonI
An avid collector of Pokémon Dolls who enjoys dressing up like other peopleI
Master of the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City who awards the player a Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee upon defeatI
The kindly old man who was held hostage by Team Rocket in Pokémon TowerI
A man found in Fuchsia City who was unable to speak clearly because his false teeth were missingI
A master Dragon-type Trainer who was part of the Kanto Elite Four but eventually became the Johto Elite Four Champion.I
An elderly couple who takes care of your Pokémon and allow them to gain experience or breed.I/II
A Pokémon professor from New Bark Town who was largely involved in discovery of Pokémon eggsII
A man with a hobby of researching Pokemon who lives just north of Cherrygrove CityII
A Poké Ball smith in Azalea Town who creates custom Poké balls from apricornsII
A man with a fervent passion for pursuing the legendary Pokémon SuicuneII
A group of five female performers from Ecruteak City who train Eevee-line PokémonII
The co-host of the Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk radio programII
Characters who each appeared on a certain day of the week to give out type-enhancing Pokémon-held itemsII
The Team Rocket executive first encountered by the player in Slowpoke WellII/IV
The Team Rocket executive who confronts the player in the Mahogany City Rocket HideoutII/IV
The Team Rocket executive who disguised himself as Giovanni and the Radio Tower DirectorII/IV
The Team Rocket executive who lead the Team Rocket invasion of the Goldenrod City Radio TowerII/IV
A Pokémon professor from Littleroot Town who was first found trapped by a wild PoochyenaIII
A rival in the RSE games who lives in Littleroot Town. As the player, his/her father is Norman, the leader of Petalburg GymIII
A sickly boy who moves to Verdanturf Town and whose first-caught Pokémon is a RaltsIII
A man who has a Wingull named Peeko and who offers to ferry the player between Dewford Town and Slateport CityIII
A well-known oceanographer from Slateport City to whom the player delivers the Devon GoodsIII
The president of the Devon Corporation who gives the player the PokéNavIII
A scientist from Fallarbor Town who studies meteorites and is tricked by Team Aqua/Magma into retrieving a meteorite for themIII
RoleCharacterFirst Appeared in Gen:
The leader of Team Aqua who steals the Red Orb and tries to awaken KyogreIII
The leader of Team Magma who steals the Blue Orb and tries to awaken GroudonIII
The former Champion of the Hoenn Elite Four, who left his position to pursue his interest in rare rocks and stonesIII
A family of avid Pokémon trainers who challenges the player to consecutive Pokémon battlesIII
The man who owns the Trick House and challenges the player to retrieve a scroll in maze-like puzzlesIII
The owner of the Hoenn Battle Frontier who seeks out talented Pokémon trainersIII
The programmer who runs the Pokémon Net Center on Knot Island, and grants the player the Rainbow PassIII
A computer technician who upgraded the Pokémon storage system for the Hoenn regionIII
A Pokémon professor from Sandgem Town whose studies specialize in Pokémon evolutionIV
The assistant of the Professor in Sandgem Town who also helps to collect data for the PokéDexIV
The Champion of the Sinnoh Elite Four who gives you the SecretPotion and accompanies you into the Distortion World where Giratina residesIV
A Pokémon trainer who asks for you to accompany her through Eterna ForestIV
A Pokémon trainer encountered on Iron Island who has a partner LucarioIV
A Pokémon trainer the player finds lost in Wayward Cave and helps guide back to the entranceIV
A Pokémon trainer who accompanies you in Stark Mountain and takes the Magma StoneIV
A Pokémon trainer found in a previously blocked area of Victory Road who has a partner ArcanineIV
The Team Galactic commander who lead the invasion of the Valley WindworksIV
The Team Galactic commander first encountered in Team Galactic's Eterna BuildingIV
The Team Galactic commander who lead Team Galactic's operation at Lake Valor to capture AzelfIV
The leader of Team Galactic who views emotions as unnecessary and strives to create his own new worldIV
A Team Galactic commander who eventually takes over as the leader of Team Galactic and tries to capture HeatranIV
An International Police officer investigating Team Galactic's operationsIV
A computer technician from Hearthome City who designed Sinnoh's Pokémon storage systemIV
The owner of Amity Square and Pokémon Mansion who likes to brag about the rare Pokémon in his Trophy GardenIV
The leader of the Battle Tower and the father of the player's rival in DPPtIV
The character who owns a Marill and whose grandparents run the Day Care Center in Johto.IV
He liked the Kanto region's Safari Zone so much that he opened up another in the Johto region.IV

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