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American representative finds out there are monsters taking over the country. He makes it his mission to destroy them.
A brood of incognito superheroes, while attempting a quiet normal life, are forced into battle to rescue Earth.
In a time to come, an asian government contains a class of freshmen and forces them to murder each other.
A west coast minor mock film centered around a well-liked girl who spends her days playing cupid, aiding her pals' clothing styles, and searching for love.
Three females, agents to an unknown employer, fetch a stolen voice-ID mechanism, using physical discipline, tech-expertise, and allure.
Five pals go for a vacation at a secluded loft in the forest, where they receive more than they asked for. Together, they must unravel the facts behind the loft in the forest.
3 women associates of a prejudice, cocky, fibbing, artificial prick discover a way to turn the tides.
A 46-year-old former druggie, former convict returns to high school in an attempt to reinvent her life.
Two different sets of beautiful gals are watched at isolated times by a scarred man who uses his 'annihilation-prevented' vehicle to play out his brutal scheme.
A musically-inclined man watches the killing of a popular telekinetic woman, and then partners with a sassy newswriter to find the murderer.
A teenage girl is placed in a rehabilitation-facility by her aggresive stepfather. While drifting into an alternate-reality, she materializes a scheme which will aid her getaway.
A tale of an amazing little girl, who is apparently very smart, and her admirable professor against the crappiest guardians imaginable, and the most gruesome school chief ever.
A little boy accidentally discovers a sorceress gathering, and must stop them, although he has been transformed into a rodent.
Eight unknowing seniors at an expensive lodging-school, who joy themselves on playing a game of deceit, come into contact with horror and acquire that no one believes a liar.
Understudies question that their superiors are from another planet after strange encounters.

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