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One day more!4
this never-ending road2
these men who seem4
will surely come3
One day more!6
how can I live4
One day more!5
and yet with you,4
One day more4
will we ever meet again?7
I was born to be with you7
and I swear I will be true6
One day more before the storm6
at the barricades of freedom6
when our ranks begin to form7
will you take your place with me?8
One day more!5
we will nip it3
I will join3/4
they will wet3
One day more!4
catch 'em as they fall4
when it's a free for all4
there a little touch5
so they won't miss much!6
raise the flag of freedom high6
every man will be a king!7
there's a new world to be won!6
my place is here,4
One day more!6
one more day 4
how can I live4
I will join3
I will follow3
I will learn3
I will know4
One day more!5
and yet with you4
one more day2
we will5
we'll be4/5
watch 'em run amuck5
never know your luck4/6
tomorrow we'll be far away5
tomorrow we'll discover8
more day1

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