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Can you name the Disney animated movie of which these taglines come from?

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Hear the pictures! See the music!
A world of wonders in One Great Picture
The most beautiful love story ever told.
An epic of miniature proportions.
Bing and Walt ride herd on The Headless Horseman!
Love Comes To The Forest Folk . . . and to you, in one of the world's greatest love stories!
Change your fate.
Walt Disney goes South American in his gayest musical Technicolor feature
The One...The Only...The FABULOUS...
She's from the leash and license set... he's footloose and collar free!
He's dying to become a chef.
For Your All-Time Good Time!
Miracles never really die.
Life's greatest adventure is finding your place in the Circle of Life.
Midnight never strikes when you're in love.
Hidden by darkness. Guarded by witches. Discovered by a boy. Stolen by a king. Whoever owns it will rule the world. Or destroy it.
It will live in your heart forever!
The happiest, dopiest, grumpiest, sneeziest movie of the year.
It's 'arf comedy...'arf mystery...and it's howlarious!
A legendary story. A classic in animation.
Meet Mowgli, the man cub. Baloo thinks he'll make a darn good bear. Shere Khan thinks he'll make a darn good meal.
An immortal legend. As you've only imagined.
Hip Hip Poohray!
A girl in danger... A cry for help... And two marvelous mice who will risk anything to save her!
Can he bring the dirty rat to justice?
Two different worlds. One true love.
For anyone who has ever wished upon a star.
The first Disney movie with attitude.
Somewhere under the sea and beyond your imagination is an adventure in fantasy.
I didn't make it all the way through third grade for nothing.
It is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts.
Get ready for a new kind of hero.
You don't know what it's like out there. I do.
This time, the princess saves the prince.
What would happen if you gave a yo-yo to a flock of flamingos?
You have never seen anything like this.
A comedy about standing on your own four feet
' a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea.' -- Plato, 360 B.C.
If you think your family's different, wait 'til you meet the family of the future.
There's one in every family.
They're on the search for gold, but they better watch out for Silver.
This November, see through another's eyes, feel through another's heart, and discover the meaning of brotherhood.
Bust a Moo.
The end is near.
Awaken to a World of Wonders!
There is no way I'm kissing a frog and eating a bug in the same day.
Fully Awesome. Ridonculous. Let It Begin.
They're taking adventure to new lengths.
Back where they belong. In theaters everywhere.
Two friends that didn't know they were supposed to be enemies.
Hang on for the comedy that goes to infinity and beyond!
Since the very first bedtime, all around the world, children have known that once their mothers and fathers tuck them in, and shut off the light, that there are MONSTERS hiding in
You can run but you can't Hydra!
There are 3.7 trillion fish in the ocean, they're looking for one.
Twice the hero he used to be
Life is a journey. Enjoy the trip.
After 700 years of doing what he was built for - he'll discover what he's meant for.
Adventure is out there!
No toy gets left behind.
A wise car hears one word and understands two...
What if you had but a single night to get your life right?
Mom needs a little space.
A purr-fectly wonderful new cartoon feature
The toys are back in town.
The way it REALLY happened...

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