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A major theme of the novel, the _______ dreamA
Illegal activity Gatsby is suspected of being involved inB
Rich yacht owner who employs young Gatsby, Dan _______C
Where Daisy believes Gatsby's money came fromD
Doctor T.J. __________E
Daisy hopes her little girl will grow up to be thisF
The color of the light at the end of the dock G
The narrator says that he is one of the few ______ people that he has ever knownH
The murder at the end of the book is ______ because both the murderer and victim are hurting because of the same man I
Avid golfer and friend of DaisyJ
Freeloader who comes to Gatsby's parties and doesn't leaveK
Where Daisy met GatsbyL
George's wife and Tom's mistressM
Narrator (full name) N
Gatsby's go-to term of endearmentO
What Gatsby believes he can repeatP
Time period the story takes place in (2 words)R
Meyer Wolfshiem rigged the 1919 World _______S
Gatsby pressures Nick to invite Daisy over for thisT
The novel examines contrasts between the ________ and lower classesU
Desolate stretch of land symbolizing struggles of poor V
Where Nick and Gatsby liveW
The color of Gatsby's carY
The author's wife who has been linked to DaisyZ

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