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'I'd never let you fall and break your heart'
'It's only been four months but, you've fallin down so hard'
'I wanna see the way you move for me baby'
'You know, I know, you know, I'll remember you'
'Don't know where I'm going but I'm finding my way'
'Inside and out baby head to toe, yeah he knows everything there is to know'
'And if he feels my traces in your hair'
'The lights go down and the night is calling to me, yeah'
'If this room was burning, i wouldn't even notice'
'I asked the doctor, 'Can you find out what is wrong with me?'
'Think of, how much, love that is wasted, people always, trying to escape it'
'The script was written and I could not change a thing'
'I figured it out, I saw the mistakes of up and down'
'Say the word, say the word, say the word, but don't say no'
'Been a lot of places, I've been all around the world'
'If you could spare an hour or so, we can go for lunch down by the river'
'Leave my heart open but, it stays right here in its cage'

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