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Lyric in other words.Song TitleReal Lyric
(Led Zeppelin) To attack the Mongol Horde, wailing and weeping: I'll meet the Norsemen in heaven.
(The Police) It isn't always a walk in the park, as the educator's puppy dog.
(Pink Floyd) In youth measuring 102, extremities float through the air without propulsion
(Boston) If your creditors have you on Prozac
(Rush) Existence in a wide angle shot, captured on film
(The Who) Tall like a full body bust, just a cog in the gearbox
(Ozzy Osbourne) Hearing both the minister and the jester. Seeing those who need GEDs legislating
(Jethro Tull) Toweling off in icy starlight--observing the movements of the lacy undergarments
(The Rolling Stones) Hereinafter the verdant aqueous solution will evolve to navy
(The Beatles) Not being dead is simple with shut lids. Warping the meaning of the observable.

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