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Can you name the movies based on their reworded famous quotes?

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Disguised QuoteMovie TitleOriginal Quote
'You will require a more ample ketch'
'Hey, Miss Pennino!'
'My anger is at such a high degree that I am casting off parts of myself!'
'I wish for you to retain it in the space separating your leg joints.'
'Hold on for 1/525,600th of a year. Hold on for 1/525,600th of a year. You haven't listened to anything so far!'
'Use Bell's invention as a means of contacting my residence.'
'Nevermind, Mr. Gittes, it's a section of Los Angeles.'
'The two of us aren't deserving of consideration! The two of us aren't deserving of consideration!'
'I long to have a clear perception of the manner in which to give you up.'
'...the moment an individual inquires about your divinity, answer in the affirmative!'

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