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Disguised QuoteMovie TitleOriginal Quote
'I think anything that doesn't cause you to kick the bucket, merely causes...more eccentricity.'
'...Once the sun has arisen, I will prepare a breakfast meal of cakes with a lattice design!'
'...I suspect you and I are no longer in the Midwestern US.'
'Ok, Cecil, all systems go for my tight shot.'
'Exchange greetings with my Lilliputian dear companion!'
'Here is the capital of Laconia!'
'Wherefore do I have to be fenced in by damn dolts?'
Disguised QuoteMovie TitleOriginal Quote
'I'm excessively advanced in age for such nonsense!'
'You are incapable of coping with untarnished facts!'
'I have very recently made your acquaintance, and I have a profound affection for you.'
'...I estimate this to be the genesis of a satisfying alliance.'
'I'm a person of the male persuasion portraying a man whose identity is concealed by the identity of an additional male!'
I'm an accomplished motorist.'
'Display the capital!'

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