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Alternative State NicknameState
The Park State
Baked Bean State
Coyote State
Inland Empire State
The Panhandle State
Native America
Apple State
The Plantation State
The Butternut State
The Crab State
Italy of America
The Lead State
The Cotton State
The Rainbow State
Switzerland of America
The Tomato State
The Independence State
Crossroads of the World
Tall Corn
The Blue Hen State
Seward's Folly
Beef State
The Hemp State
Gem of the Mountains
Alternative State NicknameState
Holland of America
The Battle Born State
Birthplace of Aviation
Mother of Rivers
Blue Law State
America's Bread Basket
The Flickertail State
Pacific Wonderland
Gopher State
The Outer Space State
The Mitten State
Crossroads of America
The Cheese State
The Sandlapper State
The El Dorado State
Friendship State
Flower State
Hot Springs States
Mother of Presidents
The Last Best Place
Hospitality State
Greatest Snow on Earth
The Turpentine State
Green Republic State
Goober State

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