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Can you name the players in order in Kurtis Blow's 'Basketball'?

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Forced Order
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Philadelphia 76ers'Just like i'm the king on the microphone, so is...'
Houston Rockets/Philadelphia 76ers'And...'
Cincinnati Royals'I used to go to dinner and then take my girl to watch...'
New York Knicks'Play against...'
Philadelphia Warriors/Los Angeles Lakers'And...'
Cincinnati Royals/Milwaukee Bucks'...'
Los Angeles Lakers'And... straight basketball at its very best.'
Los Angeles Lakers'Basketball has always been my thing, I like...'
Boston Celtics'...'
New York Knicks'And...'
Milwaukee Bucks/Los Angeles Lakers'And number 33 my man... is the center on my starting team.'
New York Knicks'...'
Golden State Warriors'...'
Atlanta Hawks/Utah Jazz'And...'
Detroit Pistons'These players could never be beat...'
San Antonio Spurs/Chicago Bulls'And... too'
Utah Jazz'Just give 'em the ball and then you chalk up two...'
Atlanta Hawks/Los Angeles Clippers'And...'
Houston Rockets'Are on the scene and... is really mean.'
Boston Celtics'... didn't take no junk.'
Philadelphia 76ers/New Jersey Nets'And... got a monster dunk.'
Philadelphia Warriors/Los Angeles Lakers'Tell me were you in the joint the night... scored a hundred points?'
Philadelphia 76ers'Or when... shook the whole damn team with moves that came right out of a dream.'
New York Knicks'Or when... stood so tall playing D with desire it's basketball.'

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