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Can you name the Harry Potter Curses A-Z?

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ASummoning Charm
BThe opposite of the Summoning Charm
CCruciatus Curse
DSevering Charm
EDisarming Charm
FLeave Fiery marks with wand
GCauses object to create useless copies when touched
HReveals humans near caster
IImperius Curse
JCauses victims fingers to bcome jelly like
LCreates a narrow beam of light
MKeeps nearby people from overhearing a conversation
NCounter to the Lumos charm
OMemory Charm
PBody Bind Curse
QCauses magically magnified voice to return to normal
RRepairs borken objects
SViolently wounds like a sword slash
TSyphons material, such as blood or ink, from a surface
UCauses vow taken by a witch or wizard to be inviolable
WLevitation charm

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