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Can you name the commonalities of the three given things?

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Charles, Shirley, Marilyn
John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Leon Trotsky
Roman, Foreign, Anonymous
Fusion, War, Case
Baseballs, Baseball Games, Flames
Telephone, Black, Cook
Telephone, Black, Tool
Die, Spells, Fishing Lines
Sun, Chemical, Friction
Stains, Tumors, Trespassers
Elastic, Hair, U2
Targets, Movies, Heroin
James Bond, Francisco Scaramanga, Cataractus Pott
Rattle, Simpsons Criminal, Drain Unclogging Device
Steers, Capons, Eunuchs
Turkeys, Envelopes, Ballot Boxes
Speer, Einstein, Fat
Easter, Traffic, Virgin
Curtain, Maiden, Horse
Rickshaws, Muscles, My Finger

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