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Can you name the commonalities of the three given things?

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Garage, fire, Ray Manzarek
Devil's Lake, Bismarck, a Coen brothers film
Ashcroft, Deere, Men's room
Dangerous roads, expert pitchers, sexy starlets
Winnebago, Mead, Titicaca
Tents, wares, baseballs
Blood, river, a large island in the Canadian Arctic
Fishermen, the DMV, pick-up artists
Cuba Gooding, Robert Downey, chocolate covered mints
Rand, pound, dong
Cooperstown, Canton, Cleveland
Butter, legal pads, jaundice
Radio operators, pork products, an overacting actor
Tom Cruise, George Thorogood and the Destroyers album, John McCain
Hyde, Central, Rosa
Maps, metal lawn chairs, losing poker players
Abraham Lincoln, Santa Claus, circus lady
Nathan, Lois, carpool
Kites, lobsters, people being followed
Eavesdroppers, sympathetic friends, Dr. Frasier Crane

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