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Name the king who failed to keep and eye on things at the battle of hastings?
what year did dr who first appear?
what is the national emblem of canada?
what is the name of the cafe in corrination street?
what is the capital of india?
FFC stand for what?
how many dr whos have there been?
what are the thunderbirds?
what is laverbread made from?
In ‘The Simpsons’, what is Montgomery Burns’s snivelling personal assistant called?
In 2008, Kate Winslet finally won an Oscar for best actress; for which film?
Which actor plays the ‘Cat’ in Red Dwarf
what is the scariest floor?
what is a googlepex?
In which country is ‘Illy’ coffee produced?
How is the French snack ‘Croque-Monsieur’ different from a ‘Croque-Madame’?
Mammy Two Shoes’ was a character whose head was only once seen on screen – which two characters did she tend to have to clear up after?
In the Flintstones, what decoration does the baby Pebbles wear in her hair?
Matt Groening found fame with ‘The Simpsons’ – but which other animated television series did he create?
Sake is a Japanese alcoholic drink made from fermented what?

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