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Can you name the rulers of the Septim Dynasty?

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During his reign, there were only 8 Divines2E854 - 3E38
Assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood in the Temple of the One3E38 - 3E40
Was the former Queen of Silvenar, in Valenwood3E40 - 3E53
Advocate and avid promoter of Guilds3E53 - 3E64
His rule was cursed with blights, plagues, and insurrections3E64 - 3E82
Dismissed the entire Elder Council, forcing them to buy back their seats3E82 - 3E98
His reign was marked by scandalous affairs3E99 - 3E120
Was taken captive by her aunt and died whilst in captivity3E120 - 3E121
Was burned alive in a prisoner's carriage3E121 - 3E127
Waged war with his sister for 10 years3E127 - 3E140
Took the throne at an old age and ruled for 5 years3E140 - 3E145
Once ended a royal ball by attempting to hang himself3E145 - 3E153
Was the only Dark Elven ruler of Tamriel3E153 - 3E200
Was the last true Septim 3E200 - 3E202
Not a true descendant of the Septim bloodline3E202 - 3E246
Chosen not by heritage, but voted into the throne by the Elder Council3E246 - 3E268
Was the only ruler to invade Akavir3E268 - 3E290
Was not allowed to rule until he was 22 years old3E290 - 3E317
Hired the arch-mage of Winterhold to be her personal battlemage3E317 - 3E339
Brought the provinces back to the most peaceful they had been in decades3E339 - 3E368
Was absent from Tamriel for a decade3E368 - 3E433
Had the shortest reign of any ruler3E433 - 4E0

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